“Wow! Way cool!” were her exact words…

Removing difficult stains…

rachel-dli-appSometimes we get uncommon stains that we need a refresher on. Maybe we’ve seen the stain hundreds of times, but want to make sure the cleaning process is the same for a rarely used fabric.

Whatever it is, DLI has us covered with step-by-step stain removal instructions for the most frequently recurring stains in our drycleaning plant.

About DLI

stain-solver-appThe Drycleaning & Laundry Institute(DLI) has been the premier international trade association for garment care professionals since 1883. Representing over ten thousand retail drycleaners in the United States alone, DLI is the world’s leading professional garment care organization. DLI’s balanced representation of cleaning entities, both large and small, makes it the industry voice. Read More…

My First BlogPost

First, I apologize for boring you with my first “real” blog post.
Most blogs are boring, so in keeping with that tradition, this one will be too.
I hope you like the new website and Facebook page for The Cleaners. Please feel free to make comments at any time.

Our New Website

It’s here…. our new website is now online.

Tell us what you think! What brought you to The Cleaners website ? Are you already one of our customers ?

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone. This is my first post. I guess I’m ready to start blogging! What to write about will come later. So do check back and I’ll let you know when some thing new happens at The Cleaners – Greeley’s Favorite Dry Cleaner.