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Advertising was different when we opened our first location in 1972 at the old Hillside Mall in Greeley. The advertising choices were the local daily newspaper and a radio station or two. Now we also have Facebook, Twitter. Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Yelp and Quora (?). What’s a business person to do? I say, let’s start with these two:

Five Locations


Monday – Friday 7:30AM – 6:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM – 5:00 PM

We have five locations to serve you in Northern Colorado. We are a full service cleaners having served the Northern Colorado area since 1972.

Garden City 970-356-8883

2501 7th Ave, Greeley, CO

Westlake Village – 970-353-8883

2012 35th Ave, Greeley, CO

Bittersweet Plaza – 970-351-8883

3512 10th St Greeley, CO

Northgate Village – 970-352-8883

6624 10th St, Suite 101, Greeley, CO

Johnstown – 970-587-8383

21 South Parish Ave, .Johnstown, CO


The Cleaners of Greeley, CO

The Cleaners operates under the name of Nu-Way Cleaners.

We have five locations to serve you in Northern Colorado.

         We are a full service cleaners having served the Northern Colorado area since 1972 under the present ownership.

The Cleaners has greatly expanded its service offering to include: computerization of garment handling and plant operations, alterations, feather pillow cleaning, wedding gown cleaning and preservation, fire and odor restoration, custom shirt finishing, custom drapery cleaning and leather cleaning. We now offer pickup and delivery service in selected areas. Read More…

Latest News:

January 27, 2019

Dear Fitness Avenue Members:
In a few days we will complete our second month of providing dry cleaning and laundry service to Fitness Avenue members. The response has been very positive, and we are delighted with the transition from Burke’s Cleaners to Nu-Way Cleaners.

But, like with any other change in your routine … there are some adjustments to be made:

1. Burke’s repossessed as many Gold Bags as possible when they were advised of the change in service providers – but we were able to replace most of the missing bags. If you do not have a Gold Bag, please advise Trish or Kerri or any FA personnel and they will reissue a bag.

2. Nu-Way was not given your credit card number when we assumed the account from Burke Cleaners and in the transition to our company, we sometimes did not get the NEW required credit card information.

We accept, VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover through our secure Square point of sale system. The Square software REQUIRES that we have the CSC code for additional security. The CSC Code for American Express cards is the four-digit code printed on the front side of the card above the card number MasterCard and Visa cards display the three-digit code in a separate panel to the right of the signature strip on the back of the card.

3. Additionally, we will send you a receipt via email for each charge transaction (if you gave us your email address). We have obtained about 80% of the required information from customers, so if you’ve been receiving SQUARE receipts, you’re OK!

4. If you have recently received a billing statement from Nu-Way – please DO NOT send us a check or contact the Fitness Avenue staff. Just fill out the form we enclosed and mail it in back to us. Remember, ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE DONE THROUGH SQUARE.

5. If you have questions or need clarification on this information, please call Emily Dempsey on our Nu-Way/Fitness Avenue Customer Direct Line at 970-673-4143.

REMINDER: We need your email address in order to send you a payment receipt via Square and the weekly Pressing News.

Thank you for your business.

Jim Nixon
Family Fabricare, LLC
dba Nu-Way Cleaners
970-673-4143 (24/7)

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