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The Cleaners of Greeley, CO

The Cleaners operates under the name of Nu-Way Cleaners.

We have four locations to serve you in Greeley, Colorado.

We are a full service cleaners having served the Northern Colorado area since 1972 under the present ownership.


The Cleaners has greatly expanded its service offering to include: computerization of garment handling and plant operations, alterations, feather pillow cleaning, wedding gown cleaning and preservation, fire and odor restoration, custom shirt finishing, custom drapery cleaning and leather cleaning. We now offer pickup and delivery service in selected areas. Read More…

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Emily Anderson Garden City
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Curtis Benton Westlake
Jensen Bergman Westlake
Sarah Bettenhausen Bittersweet Plaza
Kelly Bibbey Northgate
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Chase Bodenhorn Westlake
Ingrid Bonilla Westlake
Evgeinya Borisova Westlake
Joanne Bosworth Bittersweet Plaza
Sally Botello Garden City
Spencer Bradford Westlake
Linda Brainard Westlake
Jerry Brehon Westlake
Thomas Broadway Westlake
Deneen Brown Westlake
Taylor Bryan Westlake
Jennifer Brynteson Westlake
Joe Buchanan Garden City
John Burfeind Northgate
Harry Burns Garden City
Jake Burr Bittersweet Plaza
Maria Cardenas Bittersweet Plaza
Shawna Carson Bittersweet Plaza
Zully Casallas Garden City
Angie Casey Westlake
Wendel Cass Westlake
Wendy Castillo Westlake
Mike Chandler Bittersweet Plaza
Larry Clark Bittersweet Plaza
Jennifer Clegern Northgate
Jay Cochran Westlake
Hannah Constantin Bittersweet Plaza
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Rachel Cox Northgate
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Danny Cruz Westlake
Kathy Davidson Bittersweet Plaza
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Jane Derk Bittersweet Plaza
Brooke Derstein Northgate
Damariz Diaz Bittersweet Plaza
Bo Dimon Northgate
Britt Dinis Bittersweet Plaza
Stacy Dobbs Northgate
Christian Dominguez Garden City
Raymond Dostal Westlake
James Dyer Bittersweet Plaza
Janice Ehrlich Westlake
Laura Elder Westlake
Francis Ellorin Westlake
Glen Erickson Garden City
Amanda Ericson Northgate
Don Ernest Westlake
Pedro Escobar Garden City
Susan Esh Westlake
Richard Ewald Westlake
Tammie Figal Westlake
Michael Finnerty Northgate
Andrea Fitte Garden City
John Floersch Westlake
Carrie Flores Northgate
Vania Flores Garden City
Elaine Foss Bittersweet Plaza
Jim Francis Westlake
Joan French Northgate
Oscar Frias Garden City
Mark Fryan Northgate
Lindsay Fulcher Bittersweet Plaza
John Fults Northgate
Anthony Fusco Westlake
St. Gabrils Bittersweet Plaza
Barb Garcia Westlake
Cody Gardner Garden City
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Rick Gerner Northgate
Liz Gilbert Bittersweet Plaza
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Betty Godina Bittersweet Plaza
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Pedro Gonzalez Bittersweet Plaza
Bre Goodell Northgate
Donna Goodsell Bittersweet Plaza
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Edwin Grant Westlake
Thomas Grant Bittersweet Plaza
David Grimes Westlake
Paige Gust Bittersweet Plaza
Lisa Gwin Garden City
Danielle Haley Northgate
Travis Hampton Northgate
April Hansen Westlake
Linda Harms Northgate
Ahmed Hassan Garden City
Terri Hasty Northgate
Theron Henderson Westlake
Jerod Henrickson Garden City
Millie Herbst Westlake
Julie Hill Westlake
Alison Hoff Westlake
Michelle Hoff Northgate
Crystal Hoffner Northgate
Teresa Hogle Garden City
Paul Hooper Garden City
William Hopkins Bittersweet Plaza
Cynthia Hoschouer Bittersweet Plaza
Judy Houston Garden City
Alisha Howard Northgate
Randy Howard Garden City
Nancy Huet Westlake
David Hulac Westlake
Darla Humphries Bittersweet Plaza
Joy Hungenberg Westlake
Abigail Hunsucker Garden City
Jamie Hunt Westlake
Dave Jackson Northgate
Danny Jelinek Westlake
Greg Johnson Northgate
Philip Johnson Northgate
Virigina Johnson Westlake
Nicole Justice Bittersweet Plaza
Jim Keefer Westlake
Pere Keniye Garden City
Colton Kerbs Garden City
Sue Kerbs Westlake
Trish Kerbs Northgate
Bob Kersulov Bittersweet Plaza
Gary Kiwimagi Westlake
Keith Klepper Westlake
Cynthia Knipschild Northgate
Garold Koehn Bittersweet Plaza
Kyle Kohn Westlake
Michelle Komanich Northgate
Susan Korgan Northgate
Lauren Kortmeyer Bittersweet Plaza
Barbara Labarbara Bittersweet Plaza
Wes Lamb Northgate
Ryan Leppich Westlake
Correy Lick Bittersweet Plaza
Jiacheng Liu Westlake
Daniel Llana Bittersweet Plaza
Ann Logan Westlake
Stephanie Ludwigsen Northgate
Juan Lux Garden City
Ann Macartney Northgate
Sue Macdonald Bittersweet Plaza
Helen Mackenzie Garden City
Kaylee Maddox Northgate
Nicole Maestas Garden City
Colter Mann Westlake
Hugo Marquez Garden City
Valorie Martensen Northgate
Daniel Martinez Garden City
Eddy Martinez Westlake
Ed May Northgate
Jose Mayorga Westlake
Debbie Mcmillian Westlake
Deanna Meinke Northgate
Vicktor Melendez Bittersweet Plaza
Anthony Meneses Bittersweet Plaza
Gary Migliaccio Garden City
Lee Miller Garden City
Jennifer Moen Westlake
Tomas Mondragon Bittersweet Plaza
Jim Montano Westlake
Anna Morales Northgate
Eric Morales Garden City
Terra Morgan Westlake
Chris Murdza Northgate
Gary Murphy Northgate
Kevin Murray Garden City
Kristin Muscato Garden City
Marsha Necker Garden City
Kaylee Nelson Garden City
Alyssa Nisly Northgate
Rick Ochoa Westlake
Kristi Ogren Bittersweet Plaza
Kristi Ogren Westlake
Teri O’hare Westlake
Brent Oja Northgate
Richard Opp Westlake
Francisco Orduno Bittersweet Plaza
David Osborn Bittersweet Plaza
Kimberly Parker Bittersweet Plaza
Kristen Parker Westlake
Quint Partin Northgate
Stephanie Patrick Bittersweet Plaza
Allison Pearlman Northgate
Ben Perry Bittersweet Plaza
Sharon Peters Westlake
Mike Petsovich Westlake
Kenny Pham Westlake
Jason Pletcher Bittersweet Plaza
Lisa Ponzer Northgate
Alex Powell Westlake
Steve Pratz Northgate
Karen Pullen Bittersweet Plaza
David Puls Northgate
D. Pumphrey Garden City
Chris Quammen Bittersweet Plaza
Robin Rakowski Westlake
Jeff Reck Garden City
Alicia Reddy Westlake
Sara Regan Northgate
Melissa Reidle Bittersweet Plaza
Shaun Rhoads Westlake
Eric Richter Garden City
Sergio Rico Westlake
Leanne Robel Bittersweet Plaza
Cristi Robuck Northgate
Antonio Rodriguez Garden City
Bridgette Rodriguez Westlake
Peter Romero Westlake
Rebecca Romero Garden City
Amy Rosnik Westlake
Archie Rubal Garden City
Kaelen Russell Garden City
Shirley Salyards Garden City
Serry Sanders Garden City
Melissa Sandoval Northgate
Josh Sather Northgate
Josh Sauders Garden City
Sara Schmidt Northgate
Maria Schmitz Westlake
Evon Schones Northgate
Ron Schott Bittersweet Plaza
Roscoe Schultz Westlake
Paula Seader Westlake
James Seela Northgate
Karen Seckler Bittersweet Plaza
Pat Sedam Bittersweet Plaza
Kirra Self Westlake
Debbie Shable Bittersweet Plaza
Shawna Shade Westlake
Janet Shafer Westlake
Diane Shockley Garden City
Karney Shumacher Westlake
George Slack Westlake
Angela Slaughter Westlake
Deidra Smith Westlake
Adam Snyder Westlake
Randy Sorensen Garden City
Bill Spalding Garden City
Eric Spears Garden City
Kerry Spitler Bittersweet Plaza
Jo Spykstra Westlake
S Squeekies Bittersweet Plaza
Greg Stander Westlake
Kyle Stapleton Westlake
Travis Stec Northgate
John Steckel Garden City
Edward Stewart Bittersweet Plaza
Matthew Stokes Garden City
Cody Story Garden City
Kelsey Story Bittersweet Plaza
J Strand Westlake
Gail Sullivan Westlake
Crystal Swift Westlake
Alonso Tapia Bittersweet Plaza
Danny Tarantola Bittersweet Plaza
Carolyn Tarman Bittersweet Plaza
Scott Theis Bittersweet Plaza
James Thompson Westlake
Rudolph Thompson Westlake
Nicole Tijerina Northgate
Rachel Tjomsland Westlake
Amalia Torres Bittersweet Plaza
Elizabeth Tovar Garden City
Lori Veenendaal Garden City
Zoila Vicente Garden City
Ej Vigil Northgate
Maria Villagomez Garden City
Destiny Waggoner Westlake
Yaqin Wang Bittersweet Plaza
Andy Ward Westlake
John Welch Garden City
Josh Welch Garden City
Carolyn White Bittersweet Plaza
Debbie White Bittersweet Plaza
Michelle Wigington Bittersweet Plaza
Matthew Wilkenson Westlake
Jan Williams Bittersweet Plaza
Olivia Williams Garden City
Dolores Willis Bittersweet Plaza
Joy Wilson Northgate
Tracy Wilson Northgate
Teri Winchester Northgate
Greg Wing Garden City
Cindy Woods Bittersweet Plaza
Diane Wooster Bittersweet Plaza
Gary Word Westlake
Susan Wormell Bittersweet Plaza
Qitong Yang Garden City
Jimmy Young Northgate
Jingsi Zhu Garden City
Patricia Ziegler Garden City
Jordan Zink Northgate
Amy Zulauf Northgate
Sarah Zurasky Northgate
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I’m having trouble finding coupons – help! I have a bunch of shirts to bring in but the coupons on your website expired 10/31 and I can’t find the 50% off dry cleaning coupon anywhere. See MoreSee Less

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